Предприниматели рассказали, почему испытывают стресс
Они выбирают бизнес-книги (39%) и тренинги (29%), находят наставников (21%) и посещают бизнес-мероприятия (10%). Еще 37% опрошенных хотели бы ...

Форум «Мой бизнес» даст импульс развитию предпринимательства в Приморье
набирать баллы и получать призы от спикеров – бизнес-книги, возможность участия в бизнес-тренингах и другие. Не менее ценным станет возможн ...

The Audacity Of Help. Obama's Stimulus Plan And The Remaking Of America
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The Audacity Of Help. Obama's Stimulus Plan And The Remaking Of America

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The United States confronts its greatest economic crisis since the 1930s

Extensive study and interviews with experts from each economic sector support his analysis.

President Obama has taken quick and decisive action to enact an economic stimulus package strong enough to address problems of historic proportions

The book includes analysis of sectors and industries that will benefit, as well as those that will not

Wasik’s conclusions are firmly grounded in a comprehensive and enlightening evaluation of the final economic package passed into law

What does this new package mean for American families, businesses, investors, and taxpayers? The Audacity of Help unrolls the blueprints and offers insights on how the economic stimulus package—as passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama—will affect healthcare, education, the environment, energy, taxes, and more